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Mailing Address / Office Location

Venerable Group, Inc.
70 NW Couch, Suite 207
Portland, OR 97209

Main Office Phone | Fax Number
503-224-2446 | 503-224-2311


For information or requests on rent payments or accounts payable/receivable

Margaret Teasdale – 503-943-6095

Maintenance Requests & Vendors

For tenant maintenance requests and vendors questions

Bob Spencer – 503-730-9056


For historic redevelopment, new development, and commercial project management questions

Craig Kelly – 503-943-6091

Jessica Engeman – 503-943-6093

Historic Preservation Consulting

For National Register nominations, historical research, tax credits, Special Assessment, and land use/design review assistance.

Jessica Engeman – 503-943-6093


For comments and information regarding the website

Carolyn Pantier – 503-943-6097

Listings & Brokerage

For listings on sale properties and larger office, retail, and warehouse/industrial lease properties

Will Wright – 503-943-6090

For listings on small offices and artist studios

Carolyn Pantier – 503-943-6097

Property Management and Existing Leases

For lease information such as lease agreements, lease renewals, and other property management questions

Steve Robinson – 503-943-6092

Carolyn Pantier – 503-943-6097