An Expensive Stable: The Value in Saving Portland’s Ladd Carriage House

OF WILLIAM SARGENT Ladd’s namesake Portland buildings, only his Carriage House remains, now rehabilitated to an aesthetic state not seen since the Ladd family owned the building. In 1927, the Oregonian wrote, “the city’s restless hands are forever reaching out, removing, building, rearranging, to make room, more and more, for its growing activities.” While urban growth brought the demolition of the Ladd House in 1927, the “removing, building, and rearranging” of 2007 allowed for the preservation of the Ladd Carriage House.

Preservationist sets sights on Washington High

Historic preservationist and developer, Art DeMuro, has stepped forward with an interest in purchasing Washington High School and redeveloping the building as a community center with market-rate housing. But it is too soon n the planning stage of the historic renovation project to call him its developer.

Upcoming Project: Fire Station No. 7

Our next redevelopment project will involve returning this 1927 firehouse back to its former glory.  The property is located in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Watch for progress and photo updates to come!