Upcoming Project: Fire Station No. 7

Our next redevelopment project will involve returning this 1927 firehouse back to its former glory.  The property is located in Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Watch for progress and photo updates to come!

Does sustainability trump historic value?

Ladd Carriage House was identified as worth preserving and is undergoing renovation to be completed in late April. This building represents the melding of old building stock with new, sustainable construction methods.

Restoration of Portland landmark continues

The Ladd Carriage House has been a stable presence on Southwest Broadway Avenue in downtown Portland since 1883. Except for that one time it strayed. In 2007, the historic building was moved a few blocks away during construction of the Ladd Tower. The carriage house – all 534,000 pounds of it – returned last October and is now being restored.

Ladd Carriage House

The Oregonian was on hand for a tour of the progress at the Ladd Carriage House. See a new photo of the interior.